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Objective #

To work with a variety of technology and face new challenges. To use my skills to promote actual good in the world.
I like to build things. Big or small what really draws me in is new challenges and making something that is useful to someone.

Software Engineer at Rocket Mortgage #

Detroit, MI — Jan 2019 — Present #

Really enjoying working with a wonderful group of people helping clients realize their dream of owning their own home.

Senior Developer at E7 Solutions, LLC #

Troy, MI — Apr 2014 — Dec 2018 #

Worked on many different custom software projects at E7. On some projects I assisted with development and architecture, on other projects I oversaw the entire process and reviewed work directly with the client. Some highlights of projects I worked on.

Application Development Manager at North American Bancard #

Troy, MI — Jan 2012 — Mar 2014 #

I worked closely with upper management during this time to develop structure for the growing IT development department. I helped define and implement the structure and processes that enabled the development teams to work together and with the rest of the organization. Below are some additional highlights from that time period.

Tools Used: Jira, Confluence, Crucible, Stash, Bamboo, PHP, GIT, Subversion, Python, Apache, HTML, Javascript, Symfony2, Composer and Postgresql.

Web Application Developer at North American Bancard #

Troy, MI — Jul 2009 — Jan 2012 #

In this role I built, and often architected, several applications to support external and internal objectives. During this process I worked directly with various departments inside the organization since we did not have Business Analysts or Project Managers at that time. Below are some key achievements from this period.

Tools Used: PHP, GIT, Subversion, Python, Ruby, Postgresql, Mysql, MS SQL, Apache, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Drupal, Selenium and Fabric.

Web Application Developer at Active Media Architects #

St. Clair Shores, MI — Sep 2007 — Jul 2009 #

(Active Media Architects was acquired by SalesForce sometime after 2009)
My duties included but were not limited to the following: Setup and administration of company and client servers. Designing, implementing, maintaining, and optimizing applications fashioned to meet specific client needs and desires. Collaboration with project managers, sales teams, and designers on a daily basis to help deliver projects on time and on or under budget. Providing technical leadership to junior developers helping them learn solid scripting skills, good application design, and securing systems.

Tools Used: PHP, GIT, Subversion, Python, Mysql, Apache, HTML and Javascript

Web Application Developer at Trademark Productions #

Royal Oak, MI — Jul 2006 — Sep 2007 #

I met and dealt with clients directly translating what they wanted into reality. Worked within a collaborative environment designing and developing custom applications. Engineered customized features and modules for new applications; devised enhancements and updates for existing application suites.

Tools Used: PHP, Mysql, Apache, HTML, CSS and Javascript

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